Retail Display Program

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The Taste Ontario program utilizes custom display units to showcase some of the best products from across the province. Currently, this program promotes seasonal and regional varieties, including: The Best of BBQ, The Best of St Jacobs,, The Best of Local Honey and The Best of Mennonite Pickles.

The Taste Ontario branded display unit is handmade from Canadian pine and all products come with UPC, and are priced very competitively. The displays highlight a country style and use bold signage – as can be seen in the example to the left. The displays are installed and set up at no additional cost other than the initial products themselves.

After the initial delivery and installation a representative from the Farm Network will visit your store every two weeks, or sooner, to assess stock levels. Replenishment will occur promptly. You will be invoiced for the products on a “one in, one out” basis. With this program there is no need to hold excess inventory and no stocking costs, adding to the already healthy margins.

We currently have displays in over 100 stores in South-West Ontario. These provide consistent sales to a wide variety of food retailers. Contact a representative from The Farm Network to discuss how our Taste Ontario Display Units can can be of benefit to you and your customer base.

Dimensions of the units are: 34.5¨ W x 18.0¨ D x 48.0¨ H – Shelf area 14¨ x 31.5¨
Taste Ontario branded signage on top takes the finished height to 60″.

Complete details and product listings on our display programs can be found here:


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