Best of Mennonite Pickles

Welcome to The Farm Network’s Taste Ontario: The Best of Mennonite Pickles display unit program! You find below a selection of the best traditional products from across our region, including a range of sweet, spicy and dill pickles along with pickled vegetables and eggs. A truly unique and comprehensive offering all on one simple display. The program provides your store with the ability to conveniently offer your customers a selection of high quality, local items.

Program Details

The Taste Ontario program brings together our best selling products from two of the best Mennonite producers in Ontario – Auntie’s Grove (West Montrose) and Country Flavour (Ariss).

These products are presented in a Taste Ontario branded display unit, handmade from Canadian pine. All products come with UPC, and are priced very competitively. After initial delivery and installation a representative from The Farm Network will visit your store every two weeks, or sooner, to assess stock levels. Replenishment will occur promptly. You will be invoiced for the products, with payment on a “one in, one out” basis. With this program, there is no need to hold excess inventory and no stocking costs!

Display Unit Details

The Display Unit is designed to maximize floor space, with dimensions of 34.5″ wide x 18″ deep x 60″ high, including signage. The introductory pricing for the unit is $515. It is anticipated that you will be able to turn inventory at least 6-10 times throughout the year, resulting in an increase in profit of $1200 – $2000 (in addition to the return of your initial investment).

Product Selection

Product Producer No. of Units
Garlic Dill Pickles Auntie’s Grove 12
Mixed Pickles Country Flavour 8
Sweet Dills Country Flavour 8
Mustard Pickles Auntie’s Grove 12
Sandwich Pickles Auntie’s Grove 12
Pickled Asparagus Country Flavour 8
Dilly Beans Auntie’s Grove 8
Baby Dills Auntie’s Grove 12
Pickled Beets Auntie’s Grove 12
Kickin’ Pickles Auntie’s Grove 8
Bread & Butter Pickles Auntie’s Grove 8
Pickled Eggs Country Flavour 12


pickles display

For more information about the Taste Ontario program with complete wholesale costing details please contact:

Fred Ferguson

Tyler Ferguson